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I Join To Suck A Trans Cock  .. 

It’s something I have often wondered just what it would be like dating a Sydney Trans, so I did something about it joined a site. I have been bisexual for some years and do love oral sex, but it was only till recently that I started wondering about sucking a feminine cock, and more so the pleasures of her sticky goodness for me to swallow.


It would go along the lines of arranging to meetup at her place. I would be so nervous with my energy converting into excitement by each passing moment not knowing how my first date would go. As I expected when she opened the door she was standing there dressed to have SEX with a look of fuck me.


Walking into her apartment, we both knew why I was there and there was no need for casual chat, but she offered me a beer so politely I accept as she turns and walks into the kitchen.


Following her it was hard to keep my eyes from drifting up a long legs, I knew what she would be wearing as both had chatted at length about her passion for stockings and very short miniskirts and tight tops.


Get To See Her Stocking Tops & Black Panties ..

Reaching towards the fridge she opens the door and I catch a glimpse of her bending over and I’m sure she saw me so teased further by bending right over giving me a look of what was to come. Walking over to me she takes my hand and leads me into the front room and with a slightly Shakey hand puts the un opened beer onto the floor, I had other plans in mind.


Looking up at her she is smiling down my eyes look down till I see a large, bulged outward on her mini skirt and being so short little was being hidden. Reaching forward I lift her skirt past the stocking tops and onto her black panties. I could see her cock standing proud above her knickers and pulling them down it falls out to its full potential.


I drop to my knees lining myself with her amazing huge cock and was wondering how she managed to hide this when out! Moving forward I kiss the end of her cock with its warm and salty taste as my tong dances around the end.


She could no longer hold back the teasing and with both hands on the back on my head easing all her cock into my mouth and very slowly thrust deep inside my. I wrap my lips tightly onto her cock and she starts to fuck me as I take all of her down.


Sucking and licking her cock I take it all and having sucked more than a few guys off knew just how to please here and with her fucking my mouth hard I knew she was enjoying this too. She starts to thrust faster, harder and more aggressive until I knew she was ready to release and blast after blast pumps her sweet cum into my mouth, swallowing with every load.


I clean her up to make sure nothing is left, and she smiles down telling me it’s my turn next .

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